Rooted Microgreens, LLC

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hand harvested

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Family owned and operated in Melbourne Beach, Florida, we specialize in hand harvested, organically grown microgreens - just for YOU!


Those are so cute, but...

what are microgreens?

Vegetables, lettuce and herbs, oh my!


Smaller than baby greens, but larger than sprouts, microgreens and shoots are ready to consume within 7-21 days of planting. So, not only are they a quick crop for the table, but super healthy! Research shows they can contain up to 40% more vitamins and minerals by weight, than their mature counterparts.


But wait, there's more! Microgreens aren't just packed with nutrition, but flavor. Because they are so young, these babies are tender, crisp and sweeter than their larger selves. And since they're so small when harvested, there's no prep needed. 

In summary, they're cute, super healthy and if you buy them from us, they're ultra-fresh. So, you're supporting local economy, promoting your health and trying something new.


Way to go!


free delivery

Tuesdays & Fridays 10am - 3pm

Prepaid orders delivered straight to your home, restaurant or office!

what people are saying

Cypress Table

Patricia,Cypress Table Catering

Perfect for any occasion, check out this beautiful salad finished with red amaranth micros

Erika N.

Erika, Personal Fitness Trainer

Love them! I'm plant based so they go great with everything from vegan nachos to salads!

Get Healthy with Faith

Faith, Get Healthy with Faith

Love these microgreens!!! You can have them delivered to you FRESH!