FREe delivery

Online and in-app ordering

coming soon!

Our organically grown, hand-harvested microgreens and shoots will be harvested and delivered within hours of each other - talk about FRESH!

Orders are placed by replying to the weekly Availability Text that comes out every Saturday morning. Quantities are limited, so get those orders in ASAP!

Prices are included in the Availability Text. We offer bulk discounts and monthly specials, too!

As soon as we confirm your order via text, pay on Venmo or PayPal

Deliveries are Tuesdays between 10am-3pm.

NEW! In an effort to cut back on single-use plastic, harvested greens will be delivered in cute paper bags! They do need to be transferred to your favorite airtight container and stored in the refrigerator ASAP to avoid wilting.

If you can't be there at delivery time, no worries! Let us know and we'll help extend your microgreen's shelf-life by delivering them in a recyclable airtight container.


Just leave a cooler in the shade!

I want delivery...


I want delivery...



are up and running!

More info in our weekly texts.

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