living box plan

They're here! Handmade wooden boxes overflowing with a ready-to-eat variety of herbs, vegetables and lettuces organically grown just for you!


Four whole weeks of already grown microgreens & shoots delivered to your front door each Tuesday.

Week 1

Your box arrives with living microgreens & shoots ready to eat!


2 - 4

Each Tuesday receive a variety of living refills.

Week 5

Simply place the box on your porch for pickup during regular delivery time.

A mini-edible garden

give as a gift

 adorn your

own space



  • Perfectly sized rustic box and drip tray to protect your furnishings

  • Ready-to-eat as-fresh-as-they-get microgreens and shoots

  • Two varieties/week for 4 weeks

  • Care instructions

  • Nutritional info

  • Usage suggestions

  • Free delivery weeks 1-4

  • Free box pickup on week 5

living box.png